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Laser Safety Training Course

Laser Safety

Course Overview

Photometric Testing in conjunction with Pro-Lite Technology and laser safety experts LASERVISION are pleased to present our acclaimed laser safety training at the Pro-Litre facility on the Cranfield University campus near Milton Keynes in Bedfordshire. The laser safety training in provided in two, day-long sessions: module A is an introduction to laser safety and provides and awareness of the subject; module B is an advanced-level training intended for those who have already attended module A or for those serving as nominated laser safety officers.

Module A: Laser Safety Awareness Training

This module provides an awareness of laser safety and explains the risks, your rights and your responsibilities when working with lasers. The first day training provides an easily-digestible training on the basic physics of lasers, primary and secondary hazards, legal requirements, safety measures and the rights and responsibilities of laser users. The first day training is intended to be easily understood, low on maths and perfect for those working with lasers in industry, universities, hospitals and research institutes who wish to keep up to date with laser safety.

Module B: Laser Safety Officer Training

For those that have completed Module A, the laser safety officer training builds upon the general laser safety training and explains the legal and legislative framework that applies to the safe use of lasers, the responsibilities and the duties of the designated laser safety officer. Delegates will be expected to complete sample laser safety calculations and these wil be audited by the trainer.

Key Information

Dates: Click here for course dates Location: Innovation Centre
University Way
MK43 0BT
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
(Arrival from 08:30)
Location Map: Pro-Lite, MK43 0BT
Fee: Module A: £300 + VAT
Module B: £400 + VAT
Nearest Train: Milton Keynes Central
Your Tutor: Tim Freib
Lead Trainer
Laservision / UVEX Academy
To Register: Download registration form
What's Included: 1. Copy of course notes
2. Laservision laser safety guide
3. Certificate of completion
4. Refreshments & lunch
Joining Instructions: Download joining instructions

Course Syllabus

Module A: Laser Safety Awareness Training
§ 1.0 Theoretical Foundations of Laser Technology
1.1 Principals of laser action
1.2 Laser types
1.3 Laser beam characteristics
1.4 Detailed information on CO2, Nd:YAG & diode lasers
1.5 Example laser applications
§ 2.0 Primary Hazards
2.1 Interaction of laser beams with biological tissue - hazards for skin and eyes
2.2 Laser classes, definition of Accessible Exposure Limits (AELs)
2.3 Definition of MPEs - Maximum Permissible Exposure limits, worked example
§ 3.0 Secondary Hazards
3.1 Human factors
3.2 Outside influences
3.3 Inherent hazards
3.4 Emission
§ 4.0 Legal Basics
4.1 Guidelines, standards, regulations, accident prevention regulation
§ 5.0 Organisational Protective Measures
§ 6.0 Constructional & Technical Protective Measures
§ 7.0 Personal Protective Measures
§ 8.0 Laser Users
8.1 Rights & duties
8.2 Legal aspects
8.3 Cooperation with laser safety specialists
8.4 The importance of regular training 
Module B: Laser Safety Officer Training
(Please note that all delegates must have attended Module A)
§ 1.0 Review of laser safety awareness training (Module A)
§ 2.0 Legal Aspects
2.1 Guidelines
2.2 Standards
2.3 Regulations
2.4 Accident provention directives 
§ 3.0 Laser Safety Officer
3.1 Responsibilities & duties
3.2 Legal position in the company
3.3 Cooperation with the laser safety officers 
§ 4.0 Personnal Protective Equipment
§ 5.0 Sample Calculations
5.1 MPE
5.2 NOHD (Nominal Occular Hazard Distance)
5.3 Laser classes
§ 6.0 Team Work
§ 7.0 Audit
§ 8.0 Discussion


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