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We are an independent lighting and optical test laboratory and your partner for testing LEDs, luminaires, lamps, displays, signs and vehicle lighting. From standard photometric data to photobiological safety testing, from training courses in light measurement to developmental testing of new products, let Photometric Testing save you time and money and help you to bring the next generation of ultra efficient lighting products to market more quickly. We provide training in light measurement, photobiological safety and lasers and offer measurement services for characterising the optical properties of materials - such as reflectance, transmittance, colour and BRDF / BTDF scatter.

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For light souces, displays and signs, we measure the amount of light produced, its colour, its rendering quaility and its spatial or angular distribution. We also report the energy efficiency (LOR, luminous efficacy, energy efficiency index) and photobiological risk group. We compile photometric data in .ies and .ldt (EULUMDAT) standard formats as well as UGR glare rating tables. We also measure the optical properties of materials (reflectance, transmittance and scatter). » More    Photometric Testing delivers training in three subjects: laser safety (with reference to EN 60825); photometry and light measurement; and the photobiological safety of lamps and lighting (with reference to EN 62471). Training courses are presented in our two training facilities (Milton Keynes and Cheltenham) or we can deliver a bespoke training course to a client in-house.
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  Catch Dr Gareth John's "Photometry Focus" column in Lighting Magazine each month. Each article reports on the best of the previous month's fittings that have passed through the Photometric Testing laboratory.

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If you feel that your lighting product stands out from the crowd and would be a suitable candidate for testing for a future Photometry Focus review, contact us using our enquiry form.

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  ► Oct 2014: Photometric Testing to host a seminar on "Lighting and the Public Sector" in Leeds, Dec 3rd, in association with Pro-Lite and Konica Minolta


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► Apr 2014: Gareth John appearred in the April 7 episode of Channel 5's "Gadget Show" in an item on measuring the performance of reflective safety clothing

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Are your bulbs making you incandescent? Are your white LEDs making you see red? Help is at hand - in our technical resource area (we hope you don't mind our awful puns though). Our technical knowledge base includes a handy guide to units and a glossary of terms to help you to navigate your way through the jargon used in photometry and light measurements. » More    Light measurements don't have to be testing with fast, accurate and affordable photometric test equipment from our sister company Pro-Lite. Pro-Lite supplies:

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